At Adeptive, we pride ourselves on the superior and in‑depth support we provide ResWare administrators.

Given the numerous configurations and customizations available within ResWare, we take the time to understand your issues, your processes, work through the scenarios, and provide you with the optimal solution to improve your productivity and efficiency.

We know title offices can get stressful and customer desires endless; our support team has first-hand experience. They are here to help you improve the customer experience, utilize ResWare to the fullest, and grow your business. We love watching our customers succeed!

Tier 1

End users work with their local ResWare administrators to resolve issues.

Provides direct and organization-specific solutions based on customers’ business process and operations.

Tier 2

Customer-designated ResWare administrators contact Adeptive support directly.

Our central support team works with company-designated administrators to troubleshoot and resolve complex or company-wide issues.

Tier 3

Adeptive support works with product and engineering team experts to research and resolve the most complicated of issues.

If a situation needs the input of product engineers, Adeptive’s support team coordinates and addresses any custom development, product issues, or the like.

We continually measure support response and resolution times. We also monitor support team satisfaction to make sure that when ResWare administrators contact us, they receive a quick response and issues are resolved timely and to their (and the user's) satisfaction.