Zipwhip Texting Now Available in the ResWare Platform

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Zipwhip Texting Now Available in the ResWare Platform

Provide customers the information they need when they need it with the ease of texting transaction information to parties from your business phone number directly within ResWare.

Superior, CO – May 5, 2020 – Adeptive Software, developers of the powerful title and escrow production software, ResWare®, has added the Zipwhip texting application to the platform. With this latest communication integration, available in ResWare v9.9, customers can enable their existing business phone lines to send and receive text messages with customers and partners. Zipwhip in ResWare brings regulatory compliant business texting to the industry using existing business phone numbers clients know and trust.  

Title agencies can save processors time and provide customers with quick updates and relevant information throughout the transaction process with Zipwhip. Within ResWare, text messages are captured and can be associated with the appropriate file, eliminating the risk of transaction conversations being missed in email or voicemail, or happening on a personal cell phone. 

“Adding Zipwhip to ResWare lets users quickly communicate with their customers whenever they want,” said Adeptive’s president, Bryan Buus. “By using Zipwhip, customers can stay informed and get their simple questions answered with ease while making teams more productive. It was a logical next step to add texting via Zipwhip in ResWare,” added Bryan.

Once service is established and set up with Zipwhip, customers can send text messages on the fly as well as create automated text messages, text signature blocks, and more directly in the ResWare and Zipwhip interfaces. With many customers working from their phones, text messages are much more likely to get noticed and addressed than an email lost in a crowded inbox.

Based on Zipwhip’s 2020 State of Texting report, customers respond to a text within 30 minutes or less, enabling clients to stay informed about their transactions. In addition, one Zipwhip client reported saving three-four hours a week on communications using Zipwhip to deliver news to agents, get answers from notaries, and stay in touch with sales team members. Someone who is in back-to-back signings all day may not have time to return a call but can quickly reply to a text. Similarly, a builder on a construction site can send a quick text response. Texting is just quicker than a phone call or email when you’re working on numerous files and projects.

Text Zipwhip at (855) 947-9447 to establish service and to begin using the ResWare integration.

About Zipwhip

Zipwhip was the first company to enable texting on existing business phone numbers, and today is the world’s leading business-texting software and API provider. More than 35,000 companies use Zipwhip to increase customer engagement and drive growth through texting on their existing landline, VoIP or toll-free phone number. Intuitive cloud-based software, an enterprise-grade API and direct network connectivity mean businesses can use any computer or mobile device to securely and reliably reach their customers, every time. Your customers are only a text away: