Grow Your Business with CloseSimple: Webinar On-Demand

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Grow Your Business with CloseSimple: Webinar On-Demand

Grow your business 10-20% in the the first year. That's what some CloseSimple customers have reported once they started using custom texts, emails, and their signature Pizza Tracker for Title™ to keep customers informed.

We hosted CloseSimple co-founders Bill Svoboda and Paul Stine for a quick and informative webinar showcasing their platform and its seamless ResWare integratioCloseSimple and ResWare: Keeps You In the Known. A mutual customer also participated highlighting these great features:

  • Semi- or fully-automated ResWare options; closers want to know what's being communicated and to whom
  • Truly is a competitive advantage
  • You control all aspects of the customer communications 
  • CloseSimple does all the branding and responsive design work
  • Provides customers full visability into transaction status
  • Increases Google reviews and search presence

View the webinar recording and reach out to CloseSimple to implement your custom email and text communications to elevate the customer closing experience.