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Integrations may have associated fees by the provider directly for their services or by Adeptive Software. If you are a ResWare user please speak with your local ResWare administrator about the integrations. If you are a ResWare administrator, please reach out to the appropriate provider or access further information on the ResWare Customer User Group website.

Customers can learn more about Adeptive’s bank integrations and associated fees on the ResWare Customer User Group website.

1099 Pro

Standalone reporting software to generate 1099 payments and import into ResWare.

A.S.K. Services

Order searches from ResWare for title abstracts, document recordings, criminal and civil court record searches, UCC/fixture filing, tax liens and more.

Abstrax, LLC

Abstrax’s services cover a wide range of property information needs within the real estate industry.

Agents National Title Insurance Company (ANTIC)

Generate Agents National CPLs directly within ResWare. 

Alliant National Title Insurance Company

Generate Alliant National closing protection letters (CPLs) and policy jackets directly within ResWare. 


American Property Guard

Providers of tax and HOA certificates, ResWare users can request property information directly within ResWare returning real-time, fully indemnified tax information.

Baca, Stein, White & Associates (BSWA)

Enables ResWare users to automate the process of sending positive pay files to the bank.

Positive Pay


Bank of America

Positive Pay

BC Law

BC Law Deed Prep is a service that enables customers to electronically request deed preparation services from ResWare. 


Central Bank of Boone County

Positive Pay


CertifID is a real-time identity platform for real estate, mortgage, and title professionals to authenticate transaction parties and securely transfer wiring information.


Certus protects title agents from taking losses on real estate transactions due to incorrect fees and other document issues.

Charles Jones

Provides due diligence products in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and nationwide flood services.


Incoming Wires
Positive Pay

Citizens Bank


City National Bank

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Automated text message updates, customized and encrypted emails, along with timeline visual status for orders, triggered by ResWare actions.

Closing Insight by Black Knight

A collaboration portal, Closing Insight enables communication of lender and settlement data between parties for the Closing Disclosure form.


Positive Pay


Cloud-based hosting solution option for the ResWare platform.

Commerce Bank

Incoming Wire
Outgoing Wires
Positive Pay


Connecticut Attorneys Title Insurance Company (CATIC)

Generate CATIC CPLs and policy jackets directly within ResWare.

Corporate Services Company (CSC)

Provides electronic document submittal services to recording offices, as well as paper document recording services.


Real estate search provider offering title reports and full title search products.


With DataTrace’s Title IQ technology, it can automatically perform a search and return information directly into the Search Data tab within ResWare.


SmartCLOSE by DocMagic coming soon

Encompass Direct

Once a ResWare customer is integrated with Encompass, the Encompass user can: request fees, place an order, or access documents.

Encompass Latitude

Latitude enables agents to view or update the status of an order, quickly and easily with order information from ResWare.


Entrinsik’s Informer business intelligence application is used to create reports and dashboards from ResWare data.

eRecording Partners Network (ePN)

A provider of electronic document recording services, users can send documents to ePN directly from ResWare.


Ernst solutions alert the settlement agent whenever there are fee changes or fees are quoted by a lender.


Shipping labels and tracking information obtained directly within ResWare.

Fidelity National Title Insurance Company

Generate Fidelity National Title CPLs and policy jackets directly within ResWare. 

Fifth Third Bank

Positive Pay

First American Title Insurance Company

Generate First American CPLs and policy jackets directly within ResWare. First American title search services are also available.



First Banking Services

Stay on top of escrow activities with First Banking Services’ On-Trac service for daily transaction monitoring and three-way reconciliation.

HomeStreet Bank


Howard Bank

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HRS Escheat

Escheatment is the process of identifying funds that are considered abandoned and sending them to the appropriate state to hold, which is integrated within ResWare.

Indecomm Global Services

Provides customers the ability to record documents electronically through Indecomm’s eRecording platform, InteleDoc Direct.

Intelligent Search by Experian

This service uses advanced name matching to ensure Global Watch List compliance. A search against this database is done every time a buyer or seller is added or modified in ResWare.

Investors Bank

Incoming Wires
Outgoing Wires

Investors Title Insurance Company

Generate National Investors and Investors Title CPLs and policy jackets directly within ResWare.

JP Morgan Chase

Positive Pay

Key Bank

Positive Pay

M&T Bank

Positive Pay


Metascan is a powerful and flexible security solution providing simultaneous access to multiple anti-malware engines residing on a single system to detect and prevent known and unknown threats.

Mortiles, LLC

Mortiles LLC provides diversified solutions to the real estate industry, providing clients with a one-stop, single solution for their title and tax services.

Mutual of Omaha Bank

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Positive Pay

National Lien Search, LLC

National Lien Search provides tax and municipal lien searches in all 50 states, which customers can seamlessly order within ResWare.

National Loan Closers

National Loan Closers combines cutting-edge technology and express service without sacrificing quality with a national database of quality driven, pre-screened, and experienced closers.


NextAce automatically performs a search and returns information directly into ResWare.


Provides DigitalDocs, an online document storage repository integration with ResWare, as well as electronic execution of pre-closing documents.

North American Title Insurance Company (NATIC)

Generate NATIC CPLs and policy jackets directly within ResWare. 


The Notarize integration provides the ability to deliver documents directly from/to ResWare, enabling an online closing option for customers.


The NotaryGO signing agent database includes thousands of bilingual certified, reverse mortgage certified, and eClose certified signing agents.

Notary Loop

Provides signing service integration with ResWare to seamlessly and securely receive orders and pass information and status updates to clients.

Old Republic National Title Insurance Company

Generate Old Republic CPLs and policy jackets directly within ResWare. Old Republic title search services are also available.

Ops Insights

Connect your Ops Insights account to each software application your company uses and start viewing your data in a whole new way.

Premier One

Premier One specializes in information technology management for the title industry. 

Property Debt Research

Property Debt Research is the industry's longest established Municipal Lien Search and Estoppel Certificate provider.


PropLogix enables customers to order municipal lien searches, association estoppels, payoff tracking (release tracking), and surveys from within ResWare.

Punctual Abstract

Clients can send search requests to Punctual with a few clicks directly from ResWare with results and documents automatically returned.

Recording Express

Part of Data Services, Inc. (DSI), Recording Express provides eRecording of documents for the state of Arizona.


reQuire provides services in acquiring releases/discharges and ensuring they are recorded timely and correctly.  


Rynoh's patented financial management and fraud prevention system ensures transaction integrity preventing fraud, escrow theft, embezzlement, or disbursement errors.


A collaborative web app that enables real estate professionals to place title orders directly from their transaction platform (Dotloop, zipLogix, DocuSign transaction rooms) to ResWare.

Signature Closers

The SYNC platform provides the most configurable, transparent, ResWare-ready, and cost-effective solution for companies looking to automate and manage signings in-house.


Enable Simplifile’s closing collaboration portal to receive and import a Simplifile UCD and generate it from ResWare. Simplifile also provides direct eRecording services in ResWare.

SLK Global Solutions

The company’s property search product, SmartProp, enables ResWare users to share, receive, and validate search orders in real-time.

Smarty Streets

Validate property addresses entered into ResWare avoiding searching for incorrect properties.


Push orders directly from ResWare to Snapdocs for improved efficiency, error-free notary search, and an improved customer experience.

Stewart Title Guaranty Company

Generate Stewart CPLs and policy jackets directly within ResWare. 


A full suite of title processing services, customized to meet the requirements of every client using a global technology-delivery framework along with trained title search and processing analysts.

TD Bank

Positive Pay


Cloud-based hosting option for the ResWare platform.


TitleM, developed by Sentry Dynamics is a business analytics tool that aggregates data from multiple customer platforms into an integrated reporting dashboard.


TitleWave provides the ability to order, track, and receive title search products, create commitments and policies online, transfer data into third-party software packages and monitor progress.


UPF provides a fully integrated, simple to use, secure and cost-effective solution for managing the entire lien release tracking process directly within ResWare.


Shipping labels and tracking information obtained directly within ResWare.

US Bank

Positive Pay



Webster Bank

Positive Pay

Wells Fargo

Positive Pay

Westcor Land Title Insurance Company

Generate Westcor CPLs and policy jackets directly within ResWare. 

WFG National Title Insurance Company

Generate WFG CPLs and policy jackets directly within ResWare. WFG title search services are also available. 


Provides a secure online system for encrypted document delivery and storage for title agency customers.

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