Patrick Stone, Chairman & CEO

WFG is also in the process of converting all its operations to ResWare — a final step toward having a single portal for entering WFG, according to Stone. You either adopt (technology) or you’re gone', he said. We’re going to have to integrate. We’re going to have to eliminate rekeying data. We have to be more conscious that what we do has to help reduce the cost.

-Patrick Stone, Chairman & CEO
WFG National Title Insurance Co.
This excerpt appeared in The Title Report’s November 28, 2016 issue.

Vantage Point Title

ResWare is an amazing tool that has allowed us to exceed our clients expectations while at the same time growing to one of the largest independent title companies in the country. Dashboards help our staff navigate quickly and remain current on files throughout the process. What would have previously taken 75-100 employees, now takes about 50. There is no longer a need to hire for a rush.

Kevin Mazur, CIO
Vantage Point Title

West Title, LLC

I am extremely pleased with this product and am constantly learning new things the system can do. Surprises come up all the time.

– West Title, LLC

I have always been extremely satisfied with ResWare and Adeptive. I am happy to speak to any new potential clients as I have done in the past. Happy to always give you a good referral… thank you all for all of your hard work!!

– Nations Direct

Linear Title & Closing

More than tripled its employee count by 250% in less than three years. The Middletown, R.I., based company delivers technology-driven settlement solutions and provides targeted products, allowing lenders to increase origination and ensure compliance.
The ResWare™ platform has been a key element that produces almost instantaneous updates of loan processing documents, helping it to attract large loan originators to its client portfolio.

Linear Title is expanding geographically. This growth is easier for Linear with the addition of ResWare, which allows Linear to customize the processes and reporting capabilities for each client through a series of commands that are controlled and implemented by Linear Title. “We have opened offices in Nevada, Texas, Arizona, and California to better serve larger volume markets,” Nick Liuzza, President of Linear Title and Closing said. “Our rapid growth has been very gratifying and is testimony to our unending pursuit of back-end automation, which results in unparalleled speed in processing loan settlement documents.

– Linear Title & Closing

I have been using ResWare for over 1.5 years now and it did not take long for me to realize that I cannot imagine doing my job without it.

– Kimberly A. Doan, Asst. VP, Escrow Manager

Benefit Title Services

I used another software for many years. I never thought I would say this, but I do love ResWare. It gives us so much more flexibility in streamlining our processes. We have so much more to offer our customers now.

– Susan Eliz Churchwell, Benefit Title Services, LLC

Continental Title Group

ResWare has given us the tools to become more efficient and that has allowed us to increase our production without adding additional overhead. In addition, ResWare has also allowed us to be more responsive to our clients, which is a must in our always changing industry.
With the customization that ResWare offers, it has allowed our users to have options they have never had with other software systems. For example, email integration.

The Customer Service support staff is quite knowledgeable and treats you as one of their own.

Rebecca is humorous and a fricken ROCK STAR and I love her to pieces.

– Continental Title Group


My production is good because I have everything at my fingertips. The policy dept has done well by each of us taking specific responsibilities which makes us all accountable for following through with tasks. Now, into the second year of Resware, I’m seeing great benefits to my job. I’ve worked more years than I care to tell you of leaving work farther behind than when I came in. I now begin my day able to see my workload and prioritize my time as needed. I’m pleased that each of us is held responsible for our part of the process and with the flexibility we’ve all shown with the many challenges of this transition.
– Jane, Landtitle, Inc.

Holler Law Firm

We’ve been using ResWare since 2009, and we literally could not operate our business without it. In other words having ResWare made what we do possible. Our firm supports other title companies in attorney states, and the transparency the web portal provides differentiates us from all of our competitors. We’ve built dynamic workflows to match the needs of our clients, automated large parts of our process and integrated freely with some of the largest title agencies in the industry. The system is second to none, and the add-on integrated support products like Rynoh-Live, Entrinsik, Title Hound, and Signature Signing Services have only enhanced our ability to deliver the best possible services to our clients. Thanks Bryan and the whole team!
– George, Holler Law Firm, LLC