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Training is provided for ResWare administrators and end-users. Administrators are trained in advance of your “go live” date, ensuring they have ample time to customize your workflows, document templates, and other portions of the system to meet your business needs.

In just one day of training, your employees can be running ResWare. They can leave their desks on a Friday and arrive at work on Monday with new efficiency gained through ResWare implementation and training. A “train the trainer” approach can also be taken, where one or more individuals at your company receive in-depth instruction for training employees, allowing you to save on training expenses.

ResWare seamlessly integrates with the commonly used external applications, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Exchange, reporting engines, XML services and fax gateways. As a result, your employees spend their day in ResWare and gain efficiency throughout their entire workflow.


Do you need a specific feature or customized solution? ResWare can be modified to meet your specific requirements.

The Adeptive team has a proven track record designing, building and maintaining systems that support mission critical objectives, as well as scaling for large corporations or smaller organizations. Our clients range from established businesses wanting to leverage the power of their existing processes and knowledge to entrepreneurs looking for a customized, competitive advantage.

Data Migration & Technology Integration

ResWare integrates with other business applications seamlessly, utilizing hardware and software investments you’ve already made. ResWare integrates with the popular business programs you use every day, like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Exchange and Fax Servers.

In addition, ResWare can communicate with your partners via XML and Web Services. This enables you to effortlessly accept new orders and exchange information on existing orders.

Critical information from legacy systems can be migrated into ResWare, so you don’t lose valuable prior file information.

You’ll quickly find that ResWare is the base from which you manage your files, your workflow and grow your business.