Elevate Your Customer Service Experience
Artificial Intelligence
ResWare and Alanna AI via Text or Chat

Let's Talk 24/7 Customer Service

Automate, Innovate, and Accomplish More  

The first AI-based customer assistant in ResWare provided by Alanna is here. Alanna talks with customers 24/7 via text or web chat eliminating phone tag or missed emails. 

  • Request a seller net sheet or buyer cost estimate
  • Receive custom text messages of file activities
  • Open a title order or ask a general title insurance question
  • And so much more

Elevate Your Service and Productivity

  • An extension of you and your team to help your customers
  • Immediate answers, whether in a closing or asleep
  • Quick (and secure) identity verification via text or web chat
  • Directly connected to your ResWare platform

Connect with us today to take your customer service to the next level.