Accounting ResWare Closing Software

Included in ResWare is built-in trust and escrow accounting; it is not a separate module. ResWare offers advanced book and bank reconciliation, including the ability to utilize two- and three-way reconciliation, blank or pre-printed check cutting, and the option to utilize multiple ledgers and ledger types, which accommodates a variety of business needs.

  • Accounting features include but are not limited to: bills, deposits, invoices, positive pay, an incoming wire claim system, reviewing outgoing wires, and direct integrations with some banks for outgoing wires.
  • Bank accounts can be set up with a proper name and an alias, allowing a user to easily tell bank accounts apart without having to memorize bank account numbers.
  • BAI files of bank statements can be imported directly into ResWare. ResWare will automatically clear all matching entries and create an exception report for entries that could not be matched, which reduces errors and the time it takes for reconciliation.

Remittance reports can be created based on underwriter, state, policy typed date, and policy effective date. If remittance funds are held in the remittance ledger on a file, a disbursement for the correct amount will be automatically created when the file is exported to a remittance report.